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What music is to me

My musical journey has been long and varied .. I sang in choirs all through my childhood, and majored in classical opera, vocal jazz, and composition in college. I discovered songwriting and the guitar when I was 18 or so, and wrote many songs through my 20s. I've studied a lot of musicians, and tried to incorporate their unique genius into my own practice. Lately, i've been enjoying the merging of electronic and acoustic worlds: synthesizers, beatmaking, acoustic guitars, natural voice, and the like.

Music for me is a way to connect to source, to self, a way to meditate, a way to cultivate presence and also a way to activate the brain and body. Simply playing the piano has helped me heal my brain from some significant head and neck injuries, by bringing more blood and life into my cells and muscles. Music for me is also a way to share emotion and mood, a worldview of sorts, creating environments which feel resonant to me, and which I can share with others. Perhaps there's something of a community and relational resilience when we can identify feelings that we all resonate with, something deep and substantial, maybe peaceful, or true, and this helps us to be grounded in ourselves and relate with one another from a true and open, sovereign, space.

The above video is a small sampling of what I am up to with music. You can find everything that I make on YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram, where I share sketches and things i'm learning. Follow the social links, below for more.

see social links for more music and videos

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