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Since early on, i've enjoyed the moving image. I once, not long ago, found old tapes of myself handling the family video camera, filming my brother playing around the yard. I remember a fascination with images and immersing in the world through a lens. In high school I got my first film camera, and in my 20s, I learned to film my friends with a simple dslr, a Canon 6d. I had a 35mm f1.4 lens, and this setup was a major portal for me in discovering the power of images.

For years, I would bring the camera everywhere and capture moments and places special to me. What came was a collection of images and a way of seeing the world that was not based on commercial aesthetics or a school-based approach to image capture, but, I suppose, an intuitive and intimate technique or style of capturing moments from the perspective of feeling: bodies in motion, serene and peaceful locales, intimate moments of surrender or divine communion, and the like.

In the coming months I hope to figure out how to create a marketplace for you to purchase these photos as prints, to have them in your own spaces, if you wish. For now, I present to you a small collection of some moments and images that have been impactful and meaningful to me.
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