I create music and visual art with the intention that it will help connect us with our bodies, the earth, and one another more deeply and consistently.
I approach my life from a space and focus on centered embodiment, having studied and inherited a lineage of bodywork and ceremony through my family, centered around biodynamic craniosacral therapy and animist shamanism. My intention with music and art is to create spaces wherein the human being can unwind in its own timing, by introducing harmonic and true textures that affect our selves in certain intuitive and yet specific ways. I enjoy utilizing the voice, numerous instruments, color, video, and photos to achieve these effects.
For me, a focus on embodiment informs everything. As I learn about myself through deep self-inquiry and consistent work around personal growth and coming to know my light and shadow aspects, I hope to translate some of that learning through word, art, music, and image. My hope is to benefit others in some way and to learn how to translate out into the world what have been profound blessings, teachings, and insights acquired over years of intensive self- and world-study.
I hope that what I create benefits you and your life in some way, and that it helps you connect with your body in greater harmony and fluidity. I have created these arts specifically as tools through difficult life passages and times of healing in my own life, and these creations have helped me in immense ways to rediscover myself and evolve, with awareness, into new versions of myself.
In love, presence, and clarity,

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