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Organic, eco products available.

Art and photography by Loren, as well as collaborations with other visual artists.

Note: Please check measurements for correct sizing. Many products have multiple colors 

Welcome to the products area

Here you'll find a collection of items with images that i've crafted, like photos of drawings i've made, and collaborations with other artists. I've always enjoyed clothing, images on things, and styles. Living a holistic existence for me involves incorporating meaningful messages and symbols into daily life, including clothing and the objects we surround ourselves with.

I also love comfy and cozy things! Hence, plenty of sweatshirts and soft, warm items to feel good and soothing to live in.

For now, this collection is fairly condensed and focused, orienting around a few images and styles that have been meaningful for me, like the circular Enzo crafted by my friend James Coldsnow, which became the cover art for my album (and first vinyl release) Phoenix. Perhaps you will find something that resonates with you, that you'll want to have around more often.
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