"Beautifully performed and recorded ... grateful for the experience of your evolution. I love the gentle tension of this piece, deep power beneath a calm surface."

- Brian Kirbis, Theasophie

"Your Voice and your songs calm my nerves and drop me into a deep space of connection with myself and my feelings. It's really so precious."

- Kristyl Heineken

"Anthems for inner peace"

- Maggie Hawk

I create art as a healing and embodiment vehicle for myself, as catharsis, and as a teaching and sharing tool to connect with and help others tap into their own innate creative impulses.


"People need this music right now"

- Pepper Proud, Yaima

"This music is medicine for my nervous system. This is the music I want to listen to on repeat all day. Loren’s music got me through a major trauma. It was the only thing I could find that helped me sleep at night."

- Seren Rubens. Wild Wise Body

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