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I was introduced to music from an early age, singing in choirs throughout my childhood. It was through singing that I initially cultivated a love of music. Picking up a guitar when I was 16, I was inspired by songwriters such as Nick Drake, Iron & Wine, and Jose Gonzalez, and began writing my first songs.


I studied classical opera performance at UC Santa Cruz, and later Music and Consciousness under the guidance of Terry Setter at The Evergreen State College, and vocal jazz at the California Jazz Conservatory.

I had film cameras and a camcorder growing up, and would film and photo my friends all through high school. I dove significantly into in my adult life when I got my first dlsr, the Canon 6d. I just filmed everything and taught myself the basics of exposure and composition by imitating the video artists I admired, like Wes Anderson, and a video duo from Rhode Island called Gnarly Bay. I began making videos about road trips, yoga retreats, and artists I met in my travels. This blossomed, after years, into something of a business, and i've had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some really amazing people along the way.

These days, I write, record, and compose music, and I also produce and film videos in Oregon, and around the world. 


My artistic journeys have been part and parcel with my self inquiry and healing journey: when he was 19, I fell 40 feet out of a redwood tree. Miraculously not breaking any bones, I nonetheless was significantly impacted and the subsequent years sent me on a recover and healing journey. I was healing from this and other numerous childhood physical injuries acquired during competitive athletics and being a rambunctious youth. These bodily injuries and other therapeutic inclinations provided a fuel which directed me to music, the arts, and healing modalities for catharsis, integration, and self exploration.

I hope you enjoy what I create, and that it benefits you in some way



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