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Putting words to page has been a significant experience for me, since my early 20s when I discovered journal writing as a process and practice for self-knowing, reflection, discovery, play, and evolution. A major breakthrough happened for me when I took a journal with me on a three month long trip to Europe, cataloguing every day in detail with words and images, drawing each day into written memory, and helping unpack and record everything that had transpired within and without.

Blogs and writing now have evolved into a way to share with others my worldview, insights into music and artistry, bread crumb learnings of journeys inward and outward, flavors of living life and making attempts at cultivating a sense of profound inner peace and presence through the motions of life. I'm inspired by many spiritual teachers i've come in contact with over the years, reclusive monks, leaders, cultivators ... and make my own efforts to incorporate a spiritual knowing and communion into everything I do. To me, there is nothing but this, nothing more important than to put all my efforts toward cultivating spirit and truth into all of life.

So for now, these writings, below, are on music making, trips, experiences, and the like. It seems that they will be a way of using the material world of experiences as a portal or doorway into speaking of the spiritual life. Honoring the need to have both a spiritual and material existence. I hope they are enjoyed, or benefit you in some way. 
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