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Coming back

Had a pretty rough day yesterday - fears of failure, and the big recurring one: Not Good Enough - I remembered to cold plunge during the worst of it and came back to present sensation, the breath, cold water on skin. I remembered: this is why I do cold water therapy. Not just the times when I go with excitement and morning freshness, but the times that life gives me challenge and it’s almost too much for the body to process, or it feels that way. Like life hands me something that’s so big it’s like a big poop that takes hours to let out. Constipated for a few days. The question, “what do I need?” Usually just to keep feeling all the layers.

Developing resilience.

Deep into the cold I went.

Other things that help: drinking a lot of water, take a stroll, talk to my partner, listen to music that I’ve made during times of suffering, get some sun on skin.

Grateful to be held by something larger than myself

Today: feeling better, working on music, more hopeful, living room dance party, more cold plunge, kitty snuggles, Maggie made us yummy food. Life is better again

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